Saturday, August 05, 2006

These are photos of the very rare and wholly unique Australasian Argentiferous Sea Anemone, found off the coasts of the Solomon Islands, where it is revered as sacred by the elder Shamanic holy men of the native population. These men are said to employ the literally silver-metallic anemone to elevate their non-corporeal essential selves to that plane which is occupied by the benignant deities of the ocean, the rivers and springs, and the forests of the islands. No western botanists or biologists have ever studied this rarest and most mysterious of the sea's inhabitants. In fact, these photos constitute the only hard evidence that this mythical species actually exists.
For centuries, historians and life scientists have been quietly debating the validity of accounts of this incredible sea life. I had read in the journals of Captain Cook and his officers descriptions of a "marvelously silver'd crown of thorns" indigenous to the Southern seas neighboring Australia, and which "spake sacred volumes on 'Od's Love made manifest in His creation". Aside from likening the silver anemone's apearance to that of Jesus' crown of thorns, the various sailor's accounts make several other points in common. First, botanists take note of the great adamancy with which sailors insist that the anemone is both literally metallic and organically alive. (This is unquestionably true.) Second, in each and every existing acount of the Argentiferous Anenome one may find the claim that even slight manual contact with this spindled life-form results in a fairly immediate increase in the height of a man by as much as a foot. (According to historical documents, the duration of this growth process may vary from under one minute to nearly three days.) Finally, all accounts attribute to the "argentic anemone's marvelous prick" a sustained and beautiful hallucinatory vision of something profoundly holy. This visual experience is purportedly so wondrous as to elicit a day-long chain of utterly intense ejaculatory orgasms. Men have been described as "ever after transformed", both physically and spiritually, by the experience through which they've temporarily found themselves to be the moaning, growing, engrossedly writhing **and completely sputz-encrusted** conscripts of God's ecstatic semen-faring love navy! And let me tell you right now that these accounts are all ABSOLUTELY TRUE!